X-raid problems: How Vladimir Vasilyev’s car was in flames

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Vaidotas Zala isn’t the first who had problems with X-raid car. In Dakar 2020 Jakub Przygonski and Vladimir Vasilyev suffered the real hell.

“Of course we weren’t able to see much of the Dakar last year but I believe it’ll be a good place for the future. For us I believe there are more advantages. It isn’t as hot as before and we are on the same time difference as Moscow and we don’t need to adapt once there or arrive well in advance.

The work of the navigator has now become much harder on the Dakar with the road book being given only in the morning. It’s a lot tougher but it makes things fairer. Had it not been for our incident on day 3 (car in flames), I think we would have managed a good Dakar.”, said Vladimir Vasilyev.


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