Why Hungary is a happy place for ERC3 Junior Molle

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Belgian talent Amaury Molle starts this week’s Rally Hungary with some fond memories to call on.

Molle, a podium finisher in ERC3/ERC3 Junior at the wheel of his Pirelli-equipped Peugeot 208 R2, was a visitor to the event in 2019, as he explained.

“I went on the rally last year to support my really good friend Chris Ingram who won the championship there,” said Molle. “I made a surprise for him to come at the last minute and to congratulate him for his title.”

Molle, whose Delta Rally entry in the FIA European Rally Championship is co-driven by Florian Barral from France, made the most of his visit in 2019 to check out the sealed surface stages around host city Nyíregyháza.

“I went to the stages last year and saw how they were,” Molle explained. “They were very rough with the rain but when I see the weather condition for this year it appears it will not be the case but the forest stages, which I really like, can be difficult because it can be wet in the forests and then dry outside the forests.

“Some of the stages look like Belgium but the rally will be faster than last year because the conditions will be better with less mud we hope.

“Like everybody I have prepared for the rally online and I’m really looking forward for it. My aim is to get as most points as possible for the championship and we will fight for the podium. We are ready for the rally.”


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