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Here’s a potential list of the 10 F1 drivers Haas could be talking to for the 2021 Formula 1 season and beyond. 

The Formula 1 driver market is riper than it’s been in the last few seasons. At the time of writing this post, at least 8 cockpits were vacant for the 2021 Formula 1 season. Here’s a quick look at the vacancies:

  1. Haas F1 Team x 2
  2. Alfa Romeo Racing x 2
  3. Alpha Tauri x 2
  4. Mercedes x 1
  5. Red Bull Racing x 1

Of these available seats, one expects that Mercedes will confirm Lewis Hamilton sooner rather than later. Likewise for the seat at Red Bull Racing, it’s understood that either Alexander Albon or Pierre Gasly will be signed up. Of course, it would be a very pleasant surprise if Red Bull Racing look outside their stable and hire a super-quick but out-of-work Sergio Perez. I don’t see this happening unless Liberty Media intervene.

The one team that stands to benefit the most is the Haas F1 Team. Guenther Steiner admitted that he had difficulty convincing drivers to race for the team when they started out in 2016. Cut to 2020, Steiner seems thoroughly pleased that there are at least 10 drivers he is in talks with to race for the Haas F1 Team from 2021. Here’s a potential list of the 10 F1 drivers Haas could be in talks with for a drive:

Sergio Perez – the Mexican should be the most-obvious choice for teams with vacant seats for 2021. He brings experience, consistent performances, a fan following and sponsors (Haas definitely need a few after the Rich Energy fiasco!). The BIG question being – would a team like Haas interest Perez for the medium-long term?

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