Sergio Perez ‘won’t wait forever’ the Red Bull decision

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Sergio Perez would like to represent the Red Bull team next year, but doesn’t intend to wait for the team’s decision. After Racing Point decided to sign a contract with Sebastian Vettel, the Mexican is forced to look for another team
On Friday Alfa Romeo announced that Mich Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin will join the Haas team. Williams also announced that in the team will be George Russell and Nicholas Latif. So, the only team which can join S. Perez is Red Bull. 
“I still have opportunity to be on the Red Bull team. Time is running out, the chances of staying next year in Formula-1 are diminishing”, said the Mexican – The season is coming to an end. I think the team and the pilot want to know what’s next. I’m considering all the possible option. I can’t wait forever.”

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