Sergei Kariakin explained why he is in SSV T4 category

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Dakar winner Sergei Kariakin will attack the toughest rally raid in SSV T4 category. The Russian explained why he was moved from T3 to T4 category.

“Today we did the most important thing to pass the technical comission. It lasted about 1,5 h when the others had this procedure just 5 or 10 minutes. Our car was carefully examined, photographed. They checked all stickers which confirmed the manufacturer and rejuvenation.

During the inspection, we had to sort it out and then put back again whole car. We made an administrative mistake and instead of T4 class, we appeared in T3 category. As a result of the technical comission, we managed to achieve what we wanted: we were moved to the T4 class”, – in his social network writes Sergei Kariakin.


Dakar 2021 Q&A: Dakar winner Sergei Kariakin

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