New-for-2021 Rally3 cars heading to ERC

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The new-for-2021 Rally3 category continues to gather momentum with the Ford Fiesta Rally3 from M-Sport Poland testing extensively during the summer.

Designed to provide a logical step between Rally2 and Rally4 under the FIA’s rally pyramid, Rally3 cars are effectively Rally4 cars with four-wheel drive with their use on national and regional rallies, including rounds of the FIA European Rally Championship, expected to be widespread from 2021.

This is due to their manageable running costs and ease of preparation and maintenance in comparison to Rally2 and traditional Group N machinery.

Jérôme Roussel, Category Manager, Regional Rally, said: “We have worked on the regulations but regulations are only text, drawings and figures. So when you see the car is running and is simple and enjoyable to drive, it’s a very promising sign. We hope to see more Rally3 cars developed by more manufacturers.”


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