Nasser Al Attiyah: We went flat out

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The three times winner of the Dakar was the quickest on the special to Wadi Ad Dawasir and seems to be perfectly in phase with is strategic road-map.

“It was a good day, but I don’t know how much we have won back from Carlos or from Stéphane, you know. It looks like we’ve won the stage but I don’t know by how much. Yesterday we lost a lot of time because we opened the way and it was not really good for us and we didn’t take risks. But today we went flat out and everything is working very, very well. The tyres were amazing and the car too, the pace from start to finish, no mistakes at all, Matthew did a good job… I’m quite happy and we’ll see: there’s still a long way, but it’s a good start”.

By: Official Dakar website


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