Frigyes Turán looks back one year on from shock ERC Rally Hungary win

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While Chris Ingram and Ross Whittock were busy celebrating winning the FIA European Rally Championship title, Frigyes Turán and László Bagaméri became the heroes of Hungary following their victory on the country’s ERC counter 12 months ago.

One year on from their shock triumph, Turán admits it was a “very surreal” experience and recalls how he found out they’d won by a phone call.

“It was very surreal,” said the experienced Hungarian driver. “Originally, we were aiming to get into the top six of the European championship classification, and I think we had a good chance for it, because the level of the Hungarian championship is very high and the top drivers are extremely fast.

“We started the race with a car we did not know well, and we did not have much experience about the conditions either. We tried to adapt to the situation and get to know the car as well as possible.

“When we came out of the [last stage], we realised that we got P2, but we did not know anything about [Alexey] Lukyanuk and his puncture. So, we left to the service park.

“The [phone] signal was very low, so they shouted on the phone [we had won] on the phone. It was very emotional, because in the previous year we lost the race at the same stage, or rather we did not win the Hungarian championship. It was a fantastic feeling.”

Turán and Bagaméri are back this year, only this time at the wheel of a Volkswagen Polo GTI R5, which they’ve used to take a victory and a second place in this season’s Hungarian championship.

Turán was speaking to Rally Hungary’s Anita Tóth.


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