ERC Q&A: Norbert Herczig

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MOL Racing Team’s four-time national champion looks ahead to his home round of the 2020 FIA European Rally Championship, this week’s Rally Hungary.

Rally Hungary developed a reputation as being a tough event. What can we expect this year?
“Last year the rally was very, very difficult because of the weather. The rain was coming a lot and therefore we had very difficult conditions. I hope the weather will be much better this year so we can have more fun than last year.”

What’s new for this year’s rally?
“The stages will be quite the same. Some stages will be shorter and therefore some bad places are out of the itinerary and hopefully we won’t have punctures like last year. Last year I had four punctures, which was too much for one rally. It was difficult and it will still be a big challenge this year. The organiser has organised one city stage, which will be very interesting for the spectators and it will be a good rally I hope.”

In terms of a result what can you achieve?
“If I have a good start to the rally with no problems then I can enjoy the rally and hopefully get a good result as it’s my home event in the ERC and last year’s rally was not good for me. We need the conditions to be a little bit more dry, every driver likes it like this.”

Your son Patrik, who is only 17, will also be taking part on the event. What will that be like for you?
“It will be a very difficult situation for me and a big challenge for my wife and my daughter also. I didn’t want him to start racing but three or four years ago he started driving rallycross and after three years he won the Super 1600 title and came to me and said, ‘father, I would like to start in the rally’. I didn’t want that he started this sport but I couldn’t say not and I let him do the rally. It will be a difficult situation for me but he’s more clever than I am although I will worry about him. I started this sport more than 20 years ago but went out of the road in many races and in three years I couldn’t finish maximum four or five rallies. He’s a talent but he just has to drive and get the experience.”


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