Cristina Gutierrez: Jutta was my first teacher

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Just two weeks after RedBull Off Road Team USA called her up and put her behind the wheel of an OT3 light prototype, the Spanish driver has become the first female Dakar stage winner since Jutta Kleinschmidt… who was on hand to congratulate her in the bivouac.

“We need to wait until the final results, but we’re in the lead! It was a gruelling stage, but the navigation went smoothly thanks to François. It was even great, perfect. I’m delighted to do so well from stage 1. This wasn’t my objective, I just wanted to maintain a consistent pace at a high yet safe speed. I once attended an FIA boot camp led by Jutta Kleinschmidt in Qatar. In a way, Jutta was my first teacher. I’m mighty proud to meet her again here and, especially, to see her take delight in my victory.”

By: Official Dakar website

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