Confirmed: Saudi Arabia is opened for Dakar 2021

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Saudi Arabia officially announced that country is opened for Dakar 2021. On Thursday morning the Saudi Arabia’s Prince invited all drivers to Dakar.

Saudi Arabia claims that they stopped Covid-19 pandemia. The country opens its borders not just for the toughest rally raid in the world, but for tourists too. Meanwhile, Antanas Juknevicius didn‘t hide his happiness that finally Dakar 2021 is confimed.

Dakar winner Nani Roma in his interview to said, “According to information which I have from Dakar’s rally director David Castera that we must follow the rules. Imagine, if it’s possible to organize “Tour de France” in Europe with many cyclists. The same organization is responsible for Dakar too. So, I think they learned everything from “Tour de France”. We will follow some kind of protocols in the bovouac, we will stay just in there and move when we start.”

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