Amaury Molle’s ERC mission accomplished

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Amaury Molle overcame technical issues to achieve his pre-Rally Islas Canarias goal of finishing third in the final FIA ERC3 and FIA ERC3 Junior standings.

Throughout the 2020 season, Molle has continually impressed against drivers in more modern machinery on board his Delta Rally-run Pirelli-equipped Peugeot 208 R2.

“What a relief to finally reach the finish and be able to clinch our third place in ERC3 and ERC3 Junior,” said the Belgian talent, who is co-driven by Frenchman Florian Barral. “We can tell you that this is a conclusion to the championship which is really very good. Of course, we would have liked to fight at the forefront with a better car, but we will have given the best of ourselves, without ever giving up or giving up our efforts to finally achieve our goals. We are just happy.”


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