Alpine advance: Zelindo Melegari back in A110 RGT for ERC Rally Islas Canarias

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Zelindo Melegari will be Alpine powered once again when he contests next week’s Rally Islas Canarias in a CHAZEL Technologie Course A110 RGT.

The FIA ERC2 title-chasing Italian gave the French machine its international competition debut on Rally Fafe Montelongo last month.

Although an accident on the opening day of the Portuguese event ruled out a strong result, Melegari was nevertheless able to demonstrate the car’s potential.

“We are very happy to enter the Alpine A110 RGT with Zelindo Melegari,” said Louis Chazel. “The Canarias roads will be the perfect playground for the car now Zelindo has more experience with it. The new Alpine will be very comfortable on these types of road: fast roads with a lot of grip in altitude.”

Chazel continued: “Our team and our engineer have work a lot on the car to adapt the set-up. We know well Canarias for having already finished in the top 10 with Germain Bonnefis in a two-wheel-drive Renault Mégane N4 in 2013. We will prepare a top car for our Italian crew. Zelindo can fight for the ERC2 win and we hope to help him for winning the championship.”

Rally Islas Canarias takes place from November 26-28. Melegari drove a Subaru Impreza to second in class on the recent Rally Hungary.


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